Staff at St Hilda’s

At St Hilda’s we have many ways of working with students. We develop challenging differentiated programmes to meet the needs of individuals. Our goal is to foster a life long love of learning, developing students’ self-management capabilities.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team has a passion for learning and they, along with the Heads of Department, ensure that every decision made is a reflection of this.

Mrs Jackie Barron.

Mrs Jackie Barron


Ms Geraldine Corkery.

Ms Geraldine Corkery

Deputy Principal

Mrs Judy Maw.

Mrs Judy Maw

Assistant Principal

Mrs Shannon Prentice.

Mrs Shannon Prentice

Assistant Principal

Heads of Department

Mr John Bradfield.

Mr John Bradfield

HOD Mathematics

Mrs Julie McMahon.

Mrs Julie McMahon

HOD Technology

Mr John Janssen.

Mr John Janssen

HOD Science

Mrs Nicki Holtz.

Mrs Nicki Holtz

Acting HOD Languages

Mrs Helen Almey.

Mrs Helen Almey

HOD English

Mr Alan West.

Mr Alan West

HOD PE, Health and Outdoor Education

Mrs Judith Turner.

Mrs Judith Turner

HOD Social Sciences

Mr James Sutherland.

Mr James Sutherland

HOD Visual and Performing Arts


Dr Gillian Townsley.

Dr Gillian Townsley

Chaplain, Religious Education